Monday, February 18, 2013

Toward a Geneology of Gun-Nuttery (Apologies to Nietzsche)

I think that it basically boils down to three elements; a) having them (potentially a great many), b) loving them to the point of preoccupation, and c) opposing any restrictions or laws pertaining to them. As for me personally being a "gun nut", I think that it is patently clear that I am 0 for 3 and, HENCE, way unworthy of this prestigious title. And I thank you for your time.


dmarks said...

Remember, someone else recently winged it and carelessly made up their own definition of "gun nut" by saying it meant "having nutty views about guns". Using this, Andrew Cuomo is a gun nut, while someone with such moderate views as you is not. Because Cuomo has mentioned favoring the truly nutty idea of confiscation. And only a real "gun nut" (again using this bogus definition) would call something an "assault weapon" just for having a decorative handle.

BB-Idaho said...

"Gun nut" used to be the guy whose
hobby was collecting firearms, skeet-shooting, hunting, targets,
reloading. It was not perjorative, but more in the sense of 'car nut',
'yard nut' and 'computer game nut'. of and intense interest in. Our community Tea Party is hosting a 'gun appreciation day' this weekend "come armed, show them
what they are up against" which, I assume will turn out more than the
Run for Cancer last month. Confiscation is impractical, impossible and unconstitutional.
That said, someone should be held
responsible for ameliorating the ongoing 'collateral damage', carnage, really. That includes us
all, including gun owners.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I just try to focus on what makes sense. Universal background checks - that makes sense. Eliminating certain firearms based solely on cosmetic features - not so much.......I'm also in favor of making it a felony to not report a lost or stolen gun (especially if that gun ends up in a crime). I think that that makes a lot of sense.