Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Note to John Boehner - Addendum

Just to let my conservative colleagues know, I also think that the Democratic leaders should have spoken out more vociferously when Congressman Cohen from Tennessee attempted to compare Republican talking points on health care to Goebbels' "great lie". I am, folks, if nothing else, consistent.


Beach Bum said...

Cohen did foam off and sip the Kool-Aid.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Like John Stewart said, double b, there's a word for somebody who lies (and, yes, there were some lies said by the Republicans) a lot. It's called LIAR (this, he was saying, as opposed to Nazi).

w-dervish said...

I disagree. Boehner refuses to tell the Tea Party Birther congress people to face the facts... the facts he himself admits... even if his response is to take the governor of Hawaii and Barack Obama "at their word".

So... why the hell should Democratic leaders jump (and admonish their members to your satisfaction) when their members say something a whole lot less ill-advised (than the nonsense spewed by birthers)?

Most people tune out and don't take your argument seriously when you invoke Nazis, and for that reason alone he shouldn't have said what he said the way he said it. Aside from that what he said is completely true.

I'm not going to speak out "more vociferously" when a Democrat says something that is true, nor am I going to do the same when the Democratic leadership fails to admonish (to your satisfaction) said Democrat.

As for your being "consistent", I don't give a cr@p. That's just how I see things from my point of view, of course... no criticism of you intended.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

There's not very much LESS "ill-advised" than making a Nazi comparison, wd. And in a decent world, it wouldn't make any difference whether it came from Bill O'Reilly or a Democrat in Congress.