Saturday, February 12, 2011

Miscellaneous 57

1) I've always considered "Special Report with Brett Baier" to be one of Fox's better programs. This, in that, while, yes, it does have a tendency to mostly favor Republicans, it isn't anywhere near as biased as some of Fox's other programs. And that's why I was especially disappointed to see that on one of that show's most recent panels they had, not one but two of the most discredited foreign policy "specialists" in United States history; a couple of fellows by the name of Paul Wolfowitz and Elliot Abrams (Frank Gaffney just wasn't available, I guess LOL). I mean, I know that it was a segment on the Egypt crisis and all (and, yes, thereby one requiring foreign policy experts) but, come on, even somebody like Bill Kristol would have been better than these two imbeciles.............2) I've heard reports that Hosni Mubarak might be worth as much as 40 BILLION dollars. But even, folks, if it's just a quarter (or even a tenth!!) of that amount, that would probably have to make him THE most corrupt (at least in terms of embezzlement) leader in recorded history. And the fact that he apparently executed this graft in a land of such decaying poverty, that additionally makes him a miscreant.............3) The Republicans (and the right, in general) have positioned themselves nicely in regards to Egypt. If democracy ends up breaking out over there, it's due to President Bush's "Freedom Agenda". If, however, the opposite happens (an Islamic caliphate, another right-wing dictatorship - this one, though, hostile to Israel, some sort of hybrid of these two), then of course it'll be President Obama's fault. We'll just have to see if the American public (those, I'm saying, outside the far-right) buys it (Obama clearly being through if they do).


Sue said...

I've heard a figure as high as 90 billion for Mubarak. So some conservatives think he should have been left to his dictator ways because, well, conservatives like things to stay the same forever out of fear, fear the Muslim extremists will conquer the whole world! That's what's so weird about Iraq and the way they stood with Bush in toppling Saddam.

I don't see where Obama comes into the equation, he said from the start this is Egypt's choice. He was not gonna tell the Egyptians to revolt or not revolt. Yes he stood with them but he knew his limits.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I agree that Obama himself has done a good job on this. But when Biden said that "Mubarak was not a dictator" and Hillary said that Egypt was "stable", those 2 statements did kind of confuse the matter......Like the President said once (jokingly but, still), Mr. Biden needs to stick to the teleprompter.

Beach Bum said...

Conservatives are only for democracy when there is an almost certainty that the newly liberated will go along with the corporate or United States game plan.

If actual opposition, meaning a true exercise of liberty and free expression, pops up they start calling people nasty names since they are for the most part hypocrites.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I think that it's just as much an American thing as anything, double b. It seems like an eternity that we've been propping up these miscreants. And, while I understand that sometimes you DO have to choose the lesser of 2 evils, we've really got to manage it better. In Mubarak's case, for instance, not only did he not get better, the son of a bitch got worse!

Voltron said...


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