Saturday, February 26, 2011

Miscellaneous 60

1) Those very same dudes (Charles Krauthammer, Fred Barnes, Jonah Goldberg, the usual suspects) who are hammering President Obama for his "insufficient response" to the Libya situation would also be the first to blame him if a hostage situation ever ensued. I mean, seriously, do they just not understand the delicacy of the situation; the fact that we've had hundreds and hundreds American civilians who we were literally trying to get out of there? Enough, I'm saying, with all of this instantaneous and knee-jerk chest-pounding. The President, I'm telling you here - he'll definitely get around to it. Hell, folks, if anything, he'll probably do TOO MUCH!............2) The reason, folks (in my opinion), that Mr. Obama is avoiding the Wisconsin problem is a fear of hypocrisy charges. Federal employees (in large measure due to the actions of Jimmy Carter and a Democratic Congress) apparently have very few collective bargaining rights (they cannot bargain over wages, for instance). And damned if the President HIMSELF hasn't recently advocated a two year wage freeze for ALL Federal workers. I'm telling you here, people, it (i.e.,the process of him going to Wisconsin and advocating for the unions) would just expose him to too much of that "you can't have your cake and eat it, too" criticisms.....Very wise decision on his part - NOT GOING!!


Sue said...

I think they understand the delicacy but their idiot base does not and they are pandering to those people. They must keep the base riled up ya know! :-)

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Neoconservatism dies hard, evidently.

Morally Depraved Liberal said...

It doesn't matter what President Obama does. The righties will hate it.