Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Miscellaneous 58

1) According to Bill O'Reilly (this, during his recent criticism of David Gregory/his asking of John Boehner about the "birther" controversy) , anybody with even a little common sense knows that President Obama is American....Hm, so, is Mr. O'Reilly saying that the 51% of Republican primary voters who DON'T think that the President was born in America DON'T have an adequate common sense? I'm wondering.............2) Also on O'Reilly, he may have finally jumped the shark in terms of that "Pinheads and Patriots" segment of his. Not, surprisingly, in terms of it being overtly political or anything, but, no, just in terms of its pure, unadulterated silliness. You know how O'Reilly takes these polls and leaves certain situations up to the audience to determine the "pinheadedness" or "patrioticness" of individuals? Well, during the segment one night he showed this clip of Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz at a ball-game and Diaz was feeding Mr. Rodriguez popcorn. Seriously, folks, that was it. He actually polled the people of the United States (his specific viewers, anyway) as to whether Yankees 3rd baseman, Alex Rodriguez, was, because of this little vignette, a patriot or a pinhead. Unbefrigginglievable!............3) People talk a lot about the importance of purchasing American goods. Well, how 'bout this idea for starters - DRINK AMERICAN BEER!!!! I'm serious here, folks. With all of the outstanding micro-breweries (making literally every varietal that you could possibly want) currently in the United States, there is virtually zero need to purchase imported beer anymore. American beer = American jobs. Think about it, folks....before you order that next Heineken of yours.


Beach Bum said...

Hey, I drink Landshark now, but I support Mexican jobs every now and then by drinking Corona.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

You know something, buying Mexican beer probably isn't a bad idea, either. The more opportunities there are down there, the less the illegal immigration, maybe.