Monday, February 21, 2011

Miscellaneous 59

1) Kudos to Senator (Scott) Brown. The fellow went on "Hannity" tonight and the intrepid reporter tried everything in his power to get the guy to slime President Obama....and he didn't take the bait!! I mean, sure, he criticized the President on an issue or two (or three). But he did it respectfully and in a measured way. Finally, folks, some much-needed civility in Washington.............2) Of course, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Hannity litmus-tested Mr. Brown - not, I'm saying, after the Senator's votes on a) the START treaty, b) DADT, c) financial reform, d) the most recent jobs bill, and e) the Elena Kagan nomination. Hell, folks, Brown himself had to have seen it coming....All that I can say is that Brown really must have wanted to plug that book of his. I mean, think about it. Why in the hell ELSE would a reasonable person ever want to go on a mess of a show like that?............3) As I've reported periodically this winter, the Wake Forest football team took a lot of tough hits in the recruiting wars this winter - losing 4-5 blue-chippers all told. Well, as it finally turned out, the dust didn't spread about all that badly. Yeah, they lost some good kids. But they ended up adding a few, too. They especially enhanced their kicking game - adding an Australian punter named Alexander Kinal (a real boomer, reportedly) and an All American place-kicker from Texas by the name of Chad Hedlund. Who knows, folks, maybe these two guys can help the Deacs actually win some of those close games next year. I mean, that's got to be what coach Grobe is hoping for - I would think.


Beach Bum said...

Brown knows his state is about as blue as they come and that the only way he will get a full six year term is to be a moderate. Now to his credit he appears to be successfully walking that fine line. Hell I'll go ahead and make a guess that if more states would vote in moderates running opposite to the general views back home things might get accomplished.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

That lame-duck session WAS kind of refreshing, wasn't it?