Monday, September 1, 2008


As much as I hate to have to do this, I'm afraid that I'm finally going to have to cry "uncle" here. Bill O'Reilly, folks, has ultimately proven to be a prophet, after all. MSNBC has in fact become what he says it's been all along; a far-left partisan network. And, yes, me-buckos, the final straw is this latest programming decision of theirs; Keith Olbermann (erstwhile Daily Kos blogger) and Rachel Maddow (erstwhile Air America hostess), back to back, Monday through Friday, prime-time.............................................I mean, don't get me wrong here. At the time I was arguing against O'Reill on this "issue", clearly, they WEREN'T a far-left enterprise. This, I'm saying, in that when he was first spouting all this stuff, Joe Scarborough (granted, not always a reliable conservative) and Tucker Carlson (granted, far more of a traditional conservative than a neocon) had their own frigging prime-time shows, for Christ! Add to that the fact that 1) Chris Matthews is never, EVER, predictable and 2) Keith Olbermann hadn't at that point even approached the deep-end (I mean, sure, he was blasting away at O'Reilly but, seriously, who in his right mind didn't share those frustrations?), and, yes, you kind of get the picture...............................................And, so, no, I'm not necessarily taking anything back, per se. I'm just saying that NOW, presently, as we speak, whatever, he seems to be at least in the frigging ball-park. THAT, my friends is kind of sad, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

No not if you figure that the scales have to balance, I mean you have seen the 24 x 7 neo con fest that is Fox right?

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Oh, I'm well aware of Fox, believe me. That was actually the main reason why I started this blog. Not a huge fan, to say the least. Actually, though, O'Reilly, while he still goes off the paranoia deep-end from time to time, has been reasonably fair to Obama. That has kind of surprised me. A little good cop/bad cop, maybe.