Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It Takes an Idiot to Know One, I Guess

O'Reilly literally said something that made me howl recently (9/1/08) - something that actually made some sense, I'm saying. He said, essentially, that blogging has become a forum for any emotionally disturbed person with a computer and a grudge to spout his/her sadistic notions for public discussion (obviously, I'm paraphrasing). I mean, granted, this isn't necessarily the guy (himself the king of hyperbole/demonization) we want/need to be hearing this from - this admonishment, if you will. But, hey, what can I say, even a guy who's most always wrong (filled to the brim with fecal-matter even) can sometimes get it right. I mean, just ask Bradley Hadley at Sassy's, for Christ! - him, and the people who have to listen to him, especially. They'll tell you the real deal, folks...........................................P.S. Yikes, though, huh, getting called to the carpet by O'Reilly? Now THAT is embarrassing.


clif said...

Will you don't think he has been reading YOUR blog do you?

Better hope not cause he might send the fox police after you.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Fox police, Fox security, whatever. Hey, how 'bout my props for Obama? Not bad, huh?

clif said...

Not bad, hope you realize he is much better at this forgiveness and post partisan thing then I am.

I know too many people who have lost a loved one in Iraq or had one return wounded or worse broken.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I've always said that it was a perplexing decision by Bush to topple Saddam, especially when we seemed to have him in a box. And, of course, now, whatever we choose to do, there could be consequences. A certain degree of anger is understandable.

clif said...

Anger was quickly passed the FIRST time a friend I served with told me his son died, it is RAGE now.

Pure unadulterated RAGE at the lies and the people who still foist those lies to cover up the crimes of this country and it's government.

I say crimes because in times past we as a country have held other to task for doing what we did as a country in 2003, attack a country based of politically charged lies and spin, which had NOT attacked us.

My daughter and her husband returned from their deployment in Iraq safe, but far to many other people I know can't say the same thing.

Most have wounds, and a few are broken people from the horrors they experienced there, but in a few cases I had to go to a funeral for a person who did their duty and paid the ultimate sacrifice that was asked based on a LIE.

I have attended far too many funerals, either because I know the person or someone in their family,

Or as part of the biker crowd who tries to keep the grieving families whom I do not know, from the cretins from Kansas and their illogical hatred and foul activity and verbal attacks.

Will you have NO clue of the depth of rage some feel about this war crime and how it affects the victims of it here in the United States.