Monday, September 22, 2008


Just for the record, folks, Pakistan's new President, Asif Ali Zadari, has categorically stated that if in fact American forces enter his country without permission THEY WILL BE FIRED UPON. I submit this fact not just to Mr. Bush in his last 3-4 months in office but also to his two potential successors; Senator McCain and Senator Obama. This, I'm saying, in that they both (McCain in his zeal, Obama in his naivete) have made some rather provocative statements. Obama, in particular, clearly stated, during one of the Democratic debates, that he would absolutely use air strikes to take out Al Qaeda, EVEN IF the target was inside of Pakistan. Now I know that we all want to get Osama and all, but, seriously, a promise to heave weaponry into a country that is already deeply divided, a country that is armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, that sounds more than a tad risky to me. And now, with the new President of that country doing some posturing of his own, yikes, huh?.................................................And, no, the fact that Bush has apparently already pushed the envelope here (reports of at least three missile strikes into Pakistan are available), absent calamity, doesn't in any way pacify me. I mean, come on, even in Russian-Roulette, the odds are with you for a while, no?

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