Thursday, September 11, 2008

Holy Hell 'n Hyperbole

Poor Messenger, though. You have to have at least a little pity for the fellow - I would think. I mean, think about it/come on! The guy was just prancing around in his Satherly, for Christ (thinking about what he was going to have for dinner, probably) and, yes, down comes that boulder from hightower CRUSHING IT, nearly crushing him, and scarring. Add to that the fact that a bevy of huskers, too, was decimated and, seriously, how could it not weigh heavy on his mind, God damn it? Of course, the fact that Bradley Hadley points to this whole sordid/rank affair, only as a demerit to Messenger, that, perhaps, is the most hideous part of all. Well, that....and the fact that he rejoices in it - apparently. Talk about a sickie, huh?


Voltron said...


It's never been about individuals with the rabid left. It's about groups.

Sure, they care about the poor and downtrodden. Not with a regard to actually helping them mind you, but just to make themselves look good to others, or to preserve power.

To the rank and file, or in more military terms the "Infantry" caring about the poor, or saying they care about the poor is just so they can say they're a better person than you. It makes them feel superior. Look at me! See how much better I am than you?, I care!

To their leaders, the "Generals" as it were, the poor are a power base. By tossing certain groups a bone they create loyalty. Not that they actually provide a means for these people to get out of their particular predicament, just day to day sustenance. Provide more than that, then they don't need your help anymore.

Bradley Hadley is just a symptom of the disease. His selective outrage is only in support of those who agree with him. He would gladly throw under the bus comrades in arms who held a diametrically opposed viewpoint.

Hence he touts his support for his biker buddies when counter demonstrating against the Westboro church group, (reich-wing christians, much like say Baptists, Catholics and Lutherans to him) and will denounce the same biker buddies for their counter demonstrations against Code Pink.

I think they call that a "fair weather friend"...

Voltron said...

Replace "poor and downtrodden" with any group they're currently harping about.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

And the thing is, it was an American tragedy, a human tragedy. Over 100 sailors died, and all that this character can think of is how to make a cheap political point. Hey, you like the name, Bradley Hadley? I mean, they give themselves pseudonyms, right? Why can't I give them one of my own?