Sunday, January 22, 2017

On Rachel Maddow Championing President Obama's Reckless Decision to Place American Troops a Stone's Throw from the Russian Border in Norway, Estonia, and Poland AND THEN Putting Forth Some Ridiculous False Dichotomy in Which if Mr. Trump Decides to Remove These Troops it de Facto Means that the Russians Have Some Dirt on the Fellow

This woman is insane and a total idiot who's obviously never taken a single class in epistemology or logic. THERE ARE NUMEROUS REASONS WHY TRUMP WOULD REMOVE THOSE TROOPS, FOR CHRIST (Like, I Don't Know, Avoiding WW3 Perhaps)!!! And why in the hell would a person who's so supposedly anti-war even support such a dangerous, moronic, and provocative move in the first place? I mean, I understand that she's clownishly partisan and all but, damn, this isn't even remotely amusing anymore.   

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