Friday, January 6, 2017

On the Fact that While I Surely Agree with Paul Krugman (Mr. Phony Alien Invasion/Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin) that the Trump-Carrier Deal Is Troublesome in that it a) Sets a Shaky Precedent (the Likelihood that Businesses in the Future Will Threaten to Leave and/or Fear Retaliation) and b) Is a Lousy Way for a Free Economy to Operate, to Call it Fascism When Mr. Obama Had a Fucking "Kill List" and Krugman Said Zilch About it (He Apparently Doesn't Even Read His Own Damned Newspaper) Leads Me to Conclude that this Is Little More than Additional Partisan BS from the Bearded One - Sorry

Krugman has zero moral compunction and I'm really beginning to think that his Nobel Prize should have been for situational ethics, not economics.

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