Monday, January 16, 2017

On the Fact that Bernie "I Have No Explanation as to Why the Socialist Economies of Venezuela, Argentina, and Brazil Are Shitting the Bed but Desire to Emulate Them Anyway" Sanders Thinks that U.S. Citizens Should Be Able to Purchase Their Drugs from Canada but Not Their Health Insurance from Across State Lines

I'm sorry but this asshole is one of the dumbest fucks in U.S. political history. HOW ANYONE in his or her right mind can still champion a socialist ideology (and, please, don't give me any bullshit about "democratic socialism" being different in that I've been to their web-site and it isn't) after damn near a century of unimpeachable evidence that it's a system which destroys both lives and countries is inexplicable and a sure-fire sign of idiocy. And of course being able to buy insurance across state lines is a good idea!! It's called competition and the only folks who thinks that it's bad idea are the brain-dead politicians (a la, Sanders) and bureaucrats and the big insurance companies who are permitted to keep their fucking monopolies in various states. Time for Sanders to retire, folks.

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