Monday, September 19, 2016

On Kristen Bell's Mind-Numbingly Stupid and Aggressively Unfunny Wage-Gap Video Spoof in Which She Essentially Undermines Her Own Point in the First 20 Seconds

Yeah, she starts off by trying to get employers to start hiring more women at 77 cents on the dollar to men, failing to realize that if in fact the world actually did work this way, THERE WOULD BE NO INCENTIVE FOR BUSINESSES TO EVER HIRE ANOTHER MAN......FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!!! HELLO!!!!! The fact of the matter is that when you control for all of the intervening variables, there is no wage gap and in some instances the women actually make more than men (see the previous post). I mean, I understand that an actor with an IQ in the mid-90s probably doesn't have the capacity to unpack the data like this but enough already (and, yes, this applies to brain-diseased sites like the Huff-Po as well)!!

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