Thursday, September 15, 2016

On the Fact that Sean Hannity Has Gone from Hating Julian Assange (the Fact that Assange Had Previously Uncovered Countless Documents Which Were Embarrassing to George W. Bush) to Lathering the Dude with Praise and Good Wishes

Hannity is a man with zero moral compunction and I have to be honest with you here. Prior to this 2016 election, I had really thought that the most sycophantic that a Presidential candidate's coverage could get was that Keith Olbermann hero-worshiping BS of Obama in 2008 but I was wrong in that not only is Hannity shilling for Donald (sometimes even planting words in his mouth) he has quite literally perverted his own ideology to fit Trump (nixing the neoconservatism, becoming a protectionist, and now even accepting Trump's massive new childcare entitlement proposal). The whole thing is embarrassing and if you still don't think that Hannity is a tool and a useful idiot then you're just not persuadable. Peace out, people.  

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