Wednesday, September 14, 2016

On Chris Hayes's Claim that "the View that Blacks Are More Violent than Whites Is a Racist View"

Again, it depends on what you mean here. If a person says that black people are genetically prone to be more violent than whites, yeah, that might be a racist view (or at the very minimum a view that presently can't be substantiated totally by the available research). BUT if he or she merely points to the available crime statistics (supplied by the FBI and most major city police departments) and states the obvious (namely, that black people commit far more violent crime and far more interracial crime than whites), then, no, that is most assuredly NOT a racist view and Chris Hayes is a fucking demagogue who intentionally kept it opaque because a) he knows that his audience is laced with nimrods who won't unpack the statement and b) it was the easiest way to demonize Trump.......Yeah, I'm on to these folks. 

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