Tuesday, September 6, 2016

On the Fact that 87 Year-Old Ursula Haverbeck Was Recently Sentenced to Eight Months in a German Prison Simply for Questioning Various Aspects of the Holocaust Narrative - this While the 90 Year-Old "Holocaust Survivor" and Serial Prevaricator, Gena Turgel, Continues to Be Lauded 24/7

Again, why is the Holocaust the only episode in all of human history that cannot be examined, debated, or even fucking talked about (the American Civil War, the French Revolution, Darwinism, the Great Depression, the Crusades, the reigns of Genghis Khan and Oliver Cromwell - all of these things are fair game but the Holocaust isn't - it makes no sense)? Yes, we need to be respectful but as many before me have stated, the truth needn't ever fear examination and speech must never be denied (threats excepted of course).


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