Friday, September 30, 2016

On the Fact that Cecil John Rhodes, Founder of the Rhodes Scholarship, Was One of the Most Vile and Shameless Advocates of British Imperialism Ever and Had Even Called for Britain to Reclaim the United States as Late as 1877

He was also a fortune-hunter who through guile and cronyism was able to profiteer from the British annexation of the diamond-bearing region of the Orange Free State, a racist piece of shit who successfully got the British forces to pilfer a huge area of land to the north from the Matabele (later Called Rhodesia- get it?), and the individual who was most culpable for the second Boer War (the target of course here being the gold-ladened Transvaal) in which tens of thousands of civilians were starved to death in concentration camps.......So, ya' still feeling good about that scholarship, Rachel Maddow? 

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