Sunday, May 22, 2016

On How Large-Scale Racial Preferences Can Ultimately Lead to MORE Segregation on College Campuses, Not Less

It goes something like this. a) Large-scale racial preferences lead to a significant and cascading mismatch effect. b) The minority students have difficulty learning the material as it's taught and fall even further behind by year two. c) The minority student recognizes that other minority students are struggling, as well, and they end up withdrawing into various racial enclaves (been to a student dining-hall lately?). d) Rather than noticing the deleterious effects of mismatch, these students instead look for much more sinister causes (racist teachers, biased testing, etc.). And e) The universities totally feed into this and create such counterproductive things as special dormitories, special advisers, diversity czars, etc........Through moronic social-engineering, in other words (with the morons never paying a penalty EVER!).    

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