Friday, May 27, 2016

On the Fact that (According to a Study by the University of Michigan) Students Who Finished in the Top Decile of Their Law School - ANY LAW SCHOOL - and Were Hired by a Prestigious Law Firm Had a 32% Chance of Still Being Employed at that Business 15 Years Later (Compared to Only 4% from the Bottom Decile)

So again, it is vital that a) an applicant go to a school where they can be successful in that it isn't so much the eliteness of the school (where a good but not great student may either finish near the bottom of his or her class or drop out entirely) that counts in terms of facilitating career outcomes (passing the bar, getting an elite job, keeping that job, etc.) but grades and b) the leftists and social engineers keep their noses out of it.............If, that is, we want to help minority students (you know, as opposed to simply trolling for votes).

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