Monday, January 25, 2016

On Temperature Reconstructions Over the Past 450,000 Years

As anybody can plainly see, what is happening now is neither unusual nor unexpected. In fact, if there's anything to worry about it's the fact that we're probably looking at another ice age within the next millennium in which everything from Memphis on up is going to be under several miles of ice (an eventuality that is going to force us to either adapt or migrate en masse)....Not that I'm trying to alarm anybody of course.


Rusty Shackelford said...

Jesus Christ Will, don't show shit like this... we all know global warming/climate change is man made....stop it.

BB-Idaho said...

The unusual phenomena associated with the latest warming cycle (based on the 800,000
year ice core data you refer to) are the much higher rate
of climb in this cycle. 10X, and even extrapolated to 20x. In addition, a second anomaly of concern is that the former referenced cycles peaked at 300ppm CO2, while
the current growing level at 400+ ppm is
well over 300ppm CO2 associated with former cyclical warm-ups. The climate people are
currently attempting data retrieval going back 1.5 million years from Antarctic
cores, hoping to shed more light the cyclical patterns. Additionally, they are
studying the drivers of the cyclical pattern, eg. sun cycles, orbital shifting etc
and possibly as yet undetected causes of the historical regularity. Throw numerous feedback loops that occur in nature as well as human population and environmental
effect and see what shows up. I guess.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

The long-term relationship between CO2 and warming is borderline chaotic (we've had ice ages with CO2 levels in the thousands) as well as logarithmic and if you look at the temperature readings since when the Holocene started we're actually in a cooling trend.