Friday, January 1, 2016

On the Fact that the U.S. Constitution is Largely an Anti-Majoritarian Document (the Separation of Powers, Two Senators per State Regardless of Population, Presidential Veto Power, Our Use of the Electoral College, Limited Enumerated Powers for the Federal Government, etc.) Which Never Once Mentions the Term, Democracy (Ditto, the Declaration of Independence)

America's founders, while surely flawed, were also apparently smart enough to know that unchecked democratic rule invariably leads to tyranny, mob-rule, etc. and that a republican form of government is much superior in terms of protecting the rights of the minority (as well as the rights of the individual). Unfortunately (and as Jefferson predicted), the power of the central government (state government as well) has grown so exponentially and rapidly (the Constitution now being little more than window dressing) over the past two centuries that these same founders would probably slit their wrists at this point and how could you blame 'em? Really.

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