Saturday, January 23, 2016

On the Claim that Fossil Fuels Are Subsidized More Heavily than Green Energy Options

Yes, that is true but what the greenie radicals fail to tell you is that a) fossil fuels provide more than 45 times as much energy as wind and solar ( and that if you figure the subsidies on a per megawatt or a per one million Btu basis you'll see that the subsidies to wind, solar, and ethanol have been far greater, b) the subsidies that have been going to coal are for "refined coal" and so they more properly goes into the alternative category, and c) hydroelectric power (you know, the one renewable that actually works but which the left hates because it inconveniences some beavers) is being subsidized at a small pittance of what wind, solar, and biomass are.......Not that I'm in favor of subsidizing any of this stuff, mind you, but just for some perspective here.

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