Wednesday, January 13, 2016

On Obama Saying that Those Who Oppose His Gun Proposals Are Conspiracy Theorists for Thinking that He Wants to Take Away Their Guns

Maybe, but I do believe that he's also spoken positively of Australia's mandatory gun buyback policy which essentially IS a ban, so maybe not (that, and he's also stated that this is a common-sense FIRST STEP).

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BB-Idaho said...

The NRA wonders that the tough Australian gun laws were passed by a conservative administration after one of their relatively rare massacres. An Aussie acquaintance informs that we need understand that the
Australian conservative is more liberal than a US progressive; so it makes sense that among Australians, their gun control law is very popular . Since there is roughly one firearm per person in the states, confiscation is a pipe dream for those that would attempt it (and yes, a
conspiracy theory for those that fear it). In my years in the industry, I saw our
gun laws regularly loosened; surprisingly, often after a mass shooting. We accept
a huge number of gun deaths and chalk them up to NRA collateral damage, so not to worry.