Sunday, January 24, 2016

On the Claim Made by Michael Mann (No, Not THAT Michael Mann) in His Eye-Opening Volume, "The Dark Side of Democracy", that Pure Democracies Have a Strong Tendency to Carry Out Ethnic-Cleansing and Even Genocide

Well, there certainly is a history of it; in the former Yugoslavia, in Rwanda, in Turkey, in Iraq, in Gaza, in Indonesia, in Germany, in India, in South Africa, in Cambodia, etc., etc.. Thankfully, the Founding-Fathers of this country (and, yes, they were flawed already) were wise enough to recognize the potential for brutality and repression in a pure democracy and opted instead for a Constitutional Republic with a sufficient number of checks and balances which protect minority rights (as opposed to Nelson Mandela and the treacherous F. W. DeKlerk who created in South Africa a new multi-racial order that gave jack-shit in terms of protection for the whites and which is falling apart as we speak).

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