Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rebound and Determined

Dallas Mavericks' owner, Mark Cuban, is either the smartest guy in all of professional sports, or the dumbest. He's certainly a gambler - that's for sure. I mean, how in the hell else could you describe a guy who allows his best defender and rebounder, Tyson Chandler, to get scarfed up, absent resistance, by the Knicks - THE KNICKS!? The ONLY thing that I can think of here (other than that the guy is totally nuts, of course) is that Cuban is trying to create some salary space so he can go out and sign Dwight Howard in the off-season. That, and he probably figures, "Hey, I still got Nowitski and Jet (Jason Terry), and with the recent addition of Lamar Odom, who the hell knows, maybe I can tread some water for a while." And, plus, who in the hell am I to question him? The frigging guy is worth over a billion and I'm sitting here talking to you knuckleheads.

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