Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Power in the Right (or Should I say Left) Hands

Obama's vote on the FISA compromise, folks, conventional wisdom had that, too, as a component of his "move-to-the-center" general-election strategy. Me, though, I'm not so sure about it. I was thinking instead that, while, yes, it may indeed have helped him in that regard, so, too, does this legislation preserve an aspect of executive power - not exactly a casual topic these days to the Senator.........................................I mean, think about it, when was the last time a President (or, in Obama's case, prospective President), ANY PRESIDENT, willingly gave up power like this? Could it simply be that Obama isn't any different in this regard? Just a thought (a fleeting one, at that), me-buckos............................................P.S. Not that there's anything wrong with this, of course. A strong executive branch can sometimes be beneficial, especially during a time of crisis. I guess it all depends on who the President happens to be, huh? Obama, we all frigging trust him, right?


IrOnY RaGeD said...

Hey Will, did you catch Cliffy's response to a Trotskyite on LC's last thread?

Here's part of his reply:

"Besides I have rejected much of Marxist theory and analysis because it compartmentalizes and distorts too much of the complex world into pre-set centuries old simple truths and then demands strict adherence in such analysis.

I am far more independent then any Marxist structure allows."

IrOnY RaGeD said...

Sounds like Putin lite...

1138 said...

Voltron, Did that have ANYTHING to do with Will's topic?

Will a good and strong Congress can take from the executive what it gives. Obama shouldn't count any FISA eggs before they hatch.

Anonymous said...

Voltron posts delusional rants like this because he has gotten called on his crap so many times most who know him can just say a line or two and the rest of us remember his embarrassment.

He rants based on his twisted right wing HATE filled world view in some ways Voltron would even make you think Will is sorta sane 1138.

He uses tricks like th straw man argument, taking a partial post and spinning it to means what he wants NOT what I said.

Typical right wing spin which has gotten us all into the mess we all are in the last three decades.

Voltron is part of the volkstrum of the right wing, a very far right fringe element, he even admits it Bush is to the left of him, so asking Voltron to explain his deluded kool aid drenched thinking is to enter a schizophrenic world of right wing paranoia and hate. Not a journey for the feint hearted and a lost cause if you going try to return him to sanity.

But to sit and look at how much a human can twist reality into something only other delusional people can recognize(think rusty and all his sock puppet personalities) well at least it is entertainment in a funniest stoopid human trick video kinda way.

Voltron and his ilk are 21st century versions of the very same people who allowed the fascists in Europe to arise three quarters of a century ago.

Too bad their time has passed because they hitched their wagon to some very greedy self absorbed incompetents who can steal a couple of elections but in the end just screw up worse then any other political force in US history.

Enjoy watching this anachronism because they are a dying breed, voltron being a younger element of the volkstrum, so he will be part of the rear guard like a Japanese soldier found 45 years after the end of WW2 in the Philippines, still fighting the "good fight" long after it was lost.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Thank you for the commpliment, Clif. Sorta. 1138, Voltron and I have different philosophies and agendas. I still consider him a good guy, though, and wouldn't mind throwing a beer or 2 down with him. Marcus feels the same.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't know him and he;s given me no reason to want to.