Thursday, February 7, 2008

"A Cautionary Tale", Yeah, Right!

Seriously, though, what is O'Reilly? From what I can tell, he's little more than equal parts/a mixture of bluster, judgement (omnipresent in its certitude), and idiocy (illogic, at the very least). Take, for instance, his insistence that actor Heath Ledger's death COULDN'T have been an accident (as it was deemed by the toxicologist's report), in that, yes, Heath Ledger was a smart man who surely should have known that this behavior (i.e., the mixing of various drugs) could in fact have lethal consequences. He obviously didn't care if he lived or died, I guess was O'Reilly's point (he was careful, though, not to use the word, suicide).................................And all this AFTER his very patient guest-expert (Dr. Keith Abdow) explained to him the legal and medical definitions of how exactly an accident is defined (the concepts of intent, rationality, etc.). Incredible, huh? Of course, when you couple that with HIM, trying to get inside the young fellow's head, coming to all these basically unknowable conclusions, and, yes, exploiting the whole damn thing for ratings, what in the bluest blazes IS left? It's a frigging dog-and-pony show, for Christ!!

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