Friday, February 1, 2008

Did She Think We Would't Notice?

Of course, what really brought me to my knees was when Laura Ingraham, in yet another attempt on her part to slam the media, juxtaposed the coverage of actor Heath Ledger's death (which she accurately cited as excessive) with the much more scant coverage of this month's mititary casualties (she also proceded to show their names on the screen). I mean, talk about exhibiting some bald irony, huh?, having the chutzpah/stones to do this while subbing for O'Reilly on Fox, etc.. Think about it, I'm saying. She's on Fox news, right, the network that never, ever, EVER, acknowledges the human costs of Bush's war/ always, always, ALWAYS, finds the time to cover such celebrity tripe - and she uses this forum to slam what she so derisively calls "the elite, mainstream media". Incredible!...................................P.S. Irony, did I say irony? I probably should have said rank hypocrisy instead, huh?

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