Saturday, February 16, 2008

A New and, Dare I Say it, Eerie, Definition of Center

I love how O'Reilly constantly refers to Democratic Senators such as Durbin and Leahy as far-left bomb-throwers, out of the American mainstream, etc.. I love it, I'm saying, in that, really, isn't this guy, O'Reilly, supposed to be Mr. Fair and Balanced? I mean, it's fine to call the afore-mentioned fellows whatever you want to call them (not that I would necessarily agree, mind you, but, yes, for the sake of argument, I'm saying) but then, THEN, if in fact you are fair and BALANCED, don't you have to say something similar about Senators Hatch and Inhofe (the latter, especially, for example)? I'm just asking, folks.

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Anonymous said...

You forgot his most atrocious mislabeling of all, Conressman Murtha. He practically calls him a traitor.