Friday, February 15, 2008

Better Than O'Reilly (Much) but, Still

As for Keith Olbermann himself, I guess I have some mixed feelings relative here, too. On the one hand, I find the man both brilliant and refreshing (and, yes, I do in fact agree with the fellow, more often than not). The writing on his show is first-rate and, yes, while he, too, does from time to time bloviate, I've never once caught the man in a blatant mistatement..................................All of this, I'm saying, and, yet, the other part of me does in fact find his show at least a tad peculiar at times. For one thing, he never has anyone on his program that even remotely deviates from HIS "talking points" - kind of a Kumbaya session, in other words. And there isn't even an attempt on his part to hold the Democrats responsible for THEIR transgressions (they do occasionally commit one, right?). I mean, come on, when Bill Clinton made that dispicable comment about Jesse Jackson (a black man, obviously) having himself won South Carolina twice and that, because of this (clearly his implication), Obama's victory there WASN'T significant, was not THAT worthy of a worst person nomination? Seriously, I'm asking.

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