Saturday, February 9, 2008

Iron(y) Deficiency

Laura Ingraham, though, folks, she has got to be THE most tone-deaf person EVER - especially when it comes to irony, I'm saying. Case in point: She's subbing for O'Reilly again, right, and, yep, you got it, damned if she didn't step in it big time. This, I'm saying, in that, while excoriating those on the other side of this "culture war" creation of hers, among those foibles she particularly underscored was narcisism. "These people can only think of themselves", she basically goes on to say................................Yeah, that's right, folks, narcisism, that in fact is what the lady said. I mean, I felt like screaming at her, "Hello!! Your on the Bill O'Reilly show....and you don't see the irony in calling ANYBODY....whose name ISN'T Bill O'Reilly narcisistic, self-centered, etc.?" Talk about needing a new gig, huh? Something.

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