Wednesday, November 6, 2019

On the Fact that if These Environmental Nut-Cases Truly Cared About the Environment, They Would Be Lambasting China and India In that These Countries Aren't Just Billowing Out More CO2 but Much More Pollution In General (CO2 Isn't an Actual Pollutant but for the Sake of Argument, I'll Continue) but They Aren't and Instead Are Trying to Ram Down the West's Throat the Same Type of Central-Planning Paradigm that Made East Germany an Environmental Basket-Case and Which Is Currently Plaguing China

Which leads me to think that this has precious little to do with climate change and a whole lot more to do with enhancing the power of an already behemoth central-authority. I mean, you have to determine who benefits the most, correct? And in this case, BINGO!!!!!

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