Thursday, September 13, 2018

On Race-Hustlers, Marc LaMont Hill, Michael Eric Dyson, and Cornel West

Their primary strategy appears to be one of fanning insecurities, screaming at blacks that they are helpless victims who are owed something, and convincing them that they should be suspicious of their country. It's a horrid message and a strategy that is guaranteed to produce bad results in that as anybody who's ever analyzed the performance of minority groups across cultures can tell you, it is NOT though political agitation that a group progresses but rather it is something that comes about via skills, industriousness, family cohesion, thrift, etc.. Of course, being that this type of message would quickly dry up the demand for hucksters like the ones mentioned above, you will never hear it from them and, so, yeah, it's deja vu all......over......again (Courtesy of CNN, MSNBC, Salon, the New York Times, etc., etc.).

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