Monday, December 19, 2016

On the Fact that Some of These Virulent Leftists Have Actually Gone from Calling Everybody Who Voted for Trump a Member of the "Alt-Right" (Leftist-Speak for Racist, Essentially) to Using that Same Moniker on Folks Who Didn't Vote for Trump but Who Also Didn't Vote for that Corrupt, Dishonest, War-Mongering Piece-of-Shit Lawyer, Hillary

I think that there are two things at work here; a) the fact that these bozos are of an exceedingly low intellect and hence have to perceive everything in a rudimentary binary fashion and b) the fact that they are also possessive of an immaturity which borders on the insane and which seemingly creates this incessant and insipid need to be rallied around.......Those would be my guesses, at least. 

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