Thursday, December 8, 2016

On the Fact that Neocon Lunatic, Ben Stein, Recently Tried to Argue that a California Secession from the Union Would de Facto Lead to a Second Civil War

Only in the warped mind of a statist like Stein would a notion like this seem logical. a) It assumes that secession is illegal (it isn't in that the Union was voluntary from the beginning and there is NOTHING in the Constitution which prohibits it), b) it assumes that the only response to it is the strong arm of the central government to squash it (and, please, keep in mind here that this asshole worked for Nixon, RICHARD NIXON), and c) the fellow doesn't even know what a civil war is (i.e., an armed conflict that is fought for the control of A government) and until you convince me that California wants to take over Washington D.C.......or even Tallahassee, Florida, I'm probably gonna stick with my assertion that California leaving the Union and the Feds raining death-blows on 'em doesn't fit the bill.............Ben Stein, LOL!

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