Monday, December 12, 2016

On the Fact that Even Though Scientific Minds from Aristotle to Richard Feynman Have Repeatedly Told Us that a) Skepticism Is One of the Most Critical Aspects of Science and b) Science Doesn't Advance Via a Show of Hands (by Consensus, in Other Words), We Still Have Dolts Like Sheldon Whitehouse, Barack Obama, and Barbara Boxer Going Around Trying to Convince Us Otherwise with Their Ludicrous Global Warming Catastrophism Claims

And I'll bet that these schmucks have never actually looked at the data; the satellite and radiosonde balloon temperature data which shows modest warming since 1979, the cyclonic activity data (I refer you here to Ryan Maue of Florida State) which shows that we're actually in a low period for hurricanes, the ARGO data which shows that ocean temperatures have been fairly consistent for 13 years now, the 97% of the climate models that have seriously overstated the atmospheric warming, the global sea ice charts which have shown a virtual straight line for forty years now (, the graphs which show a chaotic correlation (at best) between CO2 and warming for the better part of two decades now, etc., etc........Seriously, you wanna bet?  

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