Tuesday, April 5, 2016

One Former Slave's Memory of "Uncle Billy"

"Soon a Yankee was let down in the well, and all that money, silver, gold, jewelry, watches, rings, brooches, knives and forks, butter-dishes, waiters, goblets, and cups was took and carried 'way by an army that seemed more concerned 'bout stealin', than they was 'bout the Holy War for the liberation of the poor African slave people. They took all the horses, sheep, cows, chickens, and geese; took the seine and the fishes they caught, corn in crib, meat in smoke-house, and everything. Marse General Sherman said war was hell. It sho' was. Maybe it was hell for some of them Yankees when they come to die and give account of the deeds they done in Sumter and Richland Counties." 87 year-old Henry D. Jenkins of Fairfield County, South Carolina, circa 1936 - Slave Narratives, South Carolina, volume 14, part 3, pages 3, 23, and 26.......Yeah, it doesn't sound like he thought that much of his blue-clad "liberators" (liberated to starve was more like it).

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