Saturday, April 23, 2016

On Folks Like Bernie Sanders and Van Jones Saying that White People Use Drugs Just as Much as Black People Do but that Black People Are Disproportionately Prosecuted for Drug-Related Offenses

They're wrong. a) Black folks tend to lie to surveyors much more when it comes to drug use (key studies from the "Journal of Urban Health" and "Addictive Behaviors", the fact that blacks are three and a half times mote likely to end up in the emergency room due to drugs, etc.) and b) they also tend to commit violent crimes at a much higher rate when dealing drugs and the drug charge is generally just an add-on (a minuscule number of folks are in prison just for small-time dealing - I refer you to the top-notch research of Heather MacDonald). I mean, yeah, we could of course argue about the causes and the solutions here but that's a wholly different story and wouldn't it be nice if these bozos in the media and in politics knew how to interpret data and ditched these fucking narratives? That would help a great deal, I think. 

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