Monday, April 4, 2016

On the Fact that the Federal Government Now Takes More Private Property from its Citizens (Through Civil Asset Forfeiture) than Burglars Do -

Yes, some of the people targeted are criminals but a lot of them aren't (shop-keepers who don't take credit cards and who only accept cash, for example), and none of them are ever presumed innocent. Of course, the real scary thing here is that the problem may even be worse than this. According to the libertarian Institute for Justice, a) state and local police forces are also abusing this practise and b) a lot of the stolen property (yeah, that's what I call it) ends up off the books and so the tally may in fact be much higher.......Oh, and most of the people being hurt by this; yeah, they tend to be poor and working class (yet another huge blind-spot for those social-justice warriors out there).

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