Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Schooling Schmidt

Some of these global warming alarmists are just plain stupid. Gavin Schmidt (the guy who got eviscerated by Michael Crichton and Richard Lindzen in that Intelligence Squared debate on PBS), for example, while, yes, he has admitted that there have been episodes of global warming in the past (thank the Lord for small favors, huh?), one of the causes that he's cited for these episodes, volcanoes, doesn't cause warming!! I mean, yes, volcanoes do in fact emit tremendous quantities of CO2 but they also emit massive amounts of particulate matter which, when it reaches the upper parts of the atmosphere, significantly blocks the sun. In fact, folks, one of the possible explanations for the warming in the latter '90s (in addition to the PDO) was the fact that we DIDN'T have a major volcanic eruption (one that exceeds 6 on the VEI) for a significant period of time. Hello!

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