Thursday, September 19, 2013

On Ross Garnaut

The dude is a real piece of work. As a professor at Australian National University and the author of the Garnaut Report on climate change and emissions trading, the man has been a consistent critic of industry and a self-described champion of fighting carbon "pollution". Unfortunately, and as is all too often the case, the deeds of his personal life are an altogether different story. The fellow not only owns a cattle farm in which massive amounts of methane are being added to the atmosphere, he also presides over not one but two mining companies (Lihir Gold Ldt. and Ok Tedi Mining Ltd.) that are both dumping millions of tonnes of waste and tailings into the ocean....A true champion of environmentalism? Yeah, right.

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dmarks said...

Check out this... and from one of the major, and left-leaning, "MSM" media outlets:

I fear an Inquisition within the Vatican of the global warming faithful coming on soon....