Sunday, September 22, 2013

An Error of Emission

The present-day interglaciation started in the late 17th century (approximately 1680). Human CO2 emissions, on the other hand - they didn't start on a massive scale until 1945 (followed, ironically, by a 30 year period of relative cooling and that iconic 1975 Newsweek cover). Something other than human activity OBVIOUSLY started the warming trend (at least as far as I know, Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon didn't drive Hummers), people. Maybe a little research money toward THAT?


BB-Idaho said...

It seems possible that CO2 levels
correlate with population. Most
data I checked bears that out . IMO, it is rudimentary common sense that human impact at the last glacial
maximum (4,000,000 primitive homo sapiens) was less than the current
7,200,000,000, technology aside.

dmarks said...

Dick Cheny with his time machine did it.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Going back to 1900, yes, but the paleoclimatological evidence is overwhelming that CO2 levels were significantly higher in the past and that man couldn't have played a role in those because he (Dick Cheney and his time-machine possibly excepted) wasn't around.