Monday, September 30, 2013

Note to the Republicans

I got an idea for you guys. How 'bout instead of voting for the 42nd (or is it the 43rd, I'm kind of losing track here?) time to get rid of Obamacare (not to mention grandstanding/waste of time filibusters), you put your frigging thinking caps on and put forward a feasible alternative to it?.......................................................................................I mean, it isn't as if you folks don't have some decent ideas, for Christ; tort reform, health savings accounts, buying insurance across state lines, etc.. But a) you've got to put 'em all together, b) you've got to take your plan to the American people, and c) you've got to find some moderate partners on the other side of the aisle (folks like Manchin, Warner, McCaskill, Pryor, Wyden, etc.) and get their input (which, yes, may possibly include such items as catastrophic care, premium support, the re-importation of drugs from Canada, etc.). Yes, the President himself is a fairly committed leftist when it comes to domestic policy but the man is also a pragmatist, and if he sees a way in which his signature achievement can be salvaged, he just might relent a tad. Kind of like he did with Syria....Hey, it's worth a try.


BB-Idaho said...

Way to logical and well thought out.

Rational Nation USA said...

Will, Will, Will, this is a charade (not your post but rather the monotony in general).

Everyone with 1/2 of a brain knows our system of healthcare (insurance) is broken. It is extremely expensive, it is driven by the major pharmaceuticals, it benefices HUGELY the insurance companies, and far too many are unable to afford even basic healthcare insurance.

The issue has become a political football and the driving force posturing oneself to look the best in the eyes of ones perceived constituency.

This deal is not about solving problems or building a better mousetrap. Nope! It's all about galvanizing political power and reaping the political rewards for oneself and ones party. It is about the Oligarchs, those who have the wherewithal to perpetuate their ever growing wealth and influence.

Been in the shoes of the preachers, the justifiers, the "creators", the "producers", and I believed for 40 fucking years all the rhetoric was right because, well, just because someone supposedly smarter than me told me so.

Take a gander around , read Ayn Rand, read Marx, read whatever and sooner or later it becomes clear the Oligarchs, those with money and Power are calling the shots. They don't give a damn about the people and they sure as hell are not about to open an avenue for the lower and middle class to move up beyond the line they themselves have drawn.

Both corrupt parties are looking out for the same damn thing. They just couch it in different bullshit verbiage.

Time to go back to the founders and their founding ideals and apply them to the 21st century.

Awaiting the shutdown with a smirk and a smile.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I totally agree with you that both parties are corrupt. It just frustrates me in that they both kinda have some good ideas (the Republicans - health savings accounts, the Democrats - universal coverage) that would probably be better if they just synthesized them, and it isn't happening.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I just though of another area of possible compromise - get rid of all of these waivers and exemptions. I think that that one could possibly get a good 75-80 votes in the Senate.