Friday, August 31, 2012

A Quick Observation on Romney

Governor Romney may be a phony (conservative). He might be a bad President (if elected). But after listening to those speeches by his fellow pastor and parishioners last night, I don't think that anybody can call him a "rich asshole who doesn't give a damn about poor people" any longer. The guy worked 15-20 hours a week as an unpaid pastor and spend countless of those hours comforting the sick and unfortunate (and most of it with nobody watching, mind you). The way that I see it, anybody who can listen, REALLY LISTEN, to that story about how Romney helped a 14 year-old kid draw up his will and then give the eulogy at that same kid's funeral and STILL say that the dude is a fundamentally bad or greedy person probably needs a little love themselves.


Rational Nation USA said...

On this you are right Will. Mittens is a compassionate caring person and a decent human being.

I'm still voting for Johnson however.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I found Mr. Romney's speech rather hawkish at times. Did you?