Thursday, December 23, 2010


Nobody (including those of us who live in Connecticut) thinks that UConn has a prayer against Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. The disparity in the level of talent and raw speed is just too much of an obstacle. And, really, what is it that UConn has truly accomplished this year? Yes, they won the Big East. But the Big East was very much down this season. And of their four losses (they were 8-4 overall), two of them were to Temple and Louisville (26-0 in that game). They don't have a 14 carat gold resume, in other words.......................................................................................................But, yes, it is in fact a game and they DO have to play it. And I can even see a scenario here in which the Huskies can keep it close. Here, though, is what has to happen. a) They can't turn the ball over. b) They need to force at least two Oklahoma turnovers. c) They mustn't drop passes (something that has plagued them a lot this year). d) They need to keep penalties to a minimum (five or less, I figure). e) They need to prevent the big play (including on special teams). Make Oklahoma go on 80 yard drives and try to hold them to field-goals. e) Jordan Todman, Jordan Todman, Jordan Todman - keep him hydrated and let him tote it as many times as he needs to (obviously you need to throw in some play-action, too). And f) if none of that works, yeah, you might want to try a prayer after all.....I mean, it can't hurt!


Beach Bum aka Captain Barbossa said...

UConn will surely do better than the University of South Carolina Gamecocks did at their bowl. Of course since they were destroyed, obliterated, and eviscerated by Auburn it would be hard to do worse.

Oso said...

Hey Boise state had many of the same doubters in the Fiesta Bowl against OU a couple years ago!
Off topic, thanks for the comments on my post. I'd replied that people often conflate the McCain bill with something Bush did and I'd assumed you had done that too, my mistake.Sorry!
I'll have to look into Bush 2003 efforts at some point. Of course I also need to haul away some junk been sitting in my sideyard for years, stretch more and learn to speak French so it may be awhile.
Merry Christmas Will, hope it's a nice holiday and a providentially nice new year for you and yours!

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Merry Christmas, gentlemen. Double b, as you know, I am very much a Clemson rooter and so, no, I wasn't at all displeased that the Gamecocks got routed in the SEC title game. They do get a reprieve, however, in the something-something bowl vs. FSU......Thanks for the encouragement, Oso. Alas, though, I just don't think that UConn has anywhere near the weapons that Boise had (and continues to have) back in January of '07. As for Mr. Bush, I'm going by a NY Times article from '03. They seem to think that on this one issue, he may have been on the right track (you know, the whole broken clock syndrome).

Oso said...

Will, I went to the NYT article about Bush in 2003, it's referring to what led to the McCain bill.The Bush administration in late 2003 began a push to move FNMA/FMAC regulation from HUD to Treasury. So it's kind of a misunderstanding, not an's the link below:

As we both observe, each side likes to point their finger and blame all their woes on the other side.Clinton put a wrecking ball to responsible regulation and only ran a budget surplus due to circumstances, not really a plan. But we Dems lionize him, and blame it all on Bush. And revisionist Reps try to make make a laughable case that Bush of all people was fighting to prevent a housing bubble - a guy who couldn't economically think his way out of a paper bag.
I'm so sick of partisan politics, Will. As I know you are too. Sucks man.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Thanks for the clarification, Oso. I think that we can all agree that Bush, Greenspan, and Christopher Cox, being that they were essentially in charge of things, are probably the biggest villains. Clinton and Franklin Raines, though, they clearly added some seasoning, too.......Yes, definitely sick of partisan politics. And that's why I'm tickled pink to see Mr. McConnell (perhaps the biggest partisan bonehead in years) flailing like he is.

Oso said...

That's right,Cox. SEC, right?
That's South Eastern Conference!