Saturday, December 11, 2010

Note to Mr. Olbermann 2

Dude, if you have to use a gun (and, yes, apparently it's necessary), can you at least have the decency to use a bullet, and not this frigging buckshot of yours? For instance, when you criticized (yes, with some degree of justification) Brit Hume for his implication that Valerie Plame may in fact have lied under oath, did you really have to take down Chris Wallace, too (remember how you lumped them together in your "Worst Persons" segment?)? I mean, think about it. All that Mr. Wallace was doing was moderating the discussion. And, besides, when he did ask Mr. Hume, "So, are you saying that she was lying under oath", it was IN RESPONSE to Mr. Hume's accusation AND he was pressuring him....I mean, I know that you totally hate Fox News and all (I'm obviously not a big fan of it, either) but, please/like I said, use a frigging bullet. Alright?


Beach Bum said...

Seeing a awful lot of buckshot flying everywhere by everyone, my stomach is groaning seeing the anti-military bias now seeping through the left wing.

As a retired non-combat vet I'm seen by many as an enabler to baby killers. Of course the right has their Chickenhawks who are all gung-ho to go to war but the yellow strip down their backs prevented them from ever joining the righteous fight.

The CDM said...

This is ALL the more reason why people should dump the talking heads on both networks. I really don't see how it has contributed to anything good for this country. If anything, it has widened the pit.

By what I just stated, that goes for the radio circuit as well(rush being the main culprit).

Is it too much to ask people to find unbiased sources and dig for the truth on our own? I speak as a recovering MSNBC junkie.

I'm just sayin'...