Sunday, December 12, 2010

Miscellaneous 46

1) Sean Hannity has just (this past week) surpassed his own world-record for chutzpah. It happened, folks, during one of those patented reminisce/kumbaya sessions of his and, yeah, as I recall, it sounded a little something like this, "Remember how back during the 2008 campaign Mr. Obama was attacking me?"...Of course, the fact that he continues to say this crap with such a smirk on his face, THAT, I'm saying................2) Speaking of Hannity, it seems to me as if the fellow may have essentially boxed himself into a corner here. I mean, he's basically demonized Obama as much as he can, right? My question is - what in the hell is he going to do if Mr. Obama ends up getting primaried from the left in 2012? What, pray tell, is he going to say about THAT person? That the fellow/woman's worse than................3) I have no reason to think that Hillcrest High's (Simpsonville, South Carolina) star defensive-end, Mike Rose, isn't a good kid. Hell, for everything that I know, he might even be a typical high school student (for better or worse, I'm saying). But, I have to tell you, he did something this past week that is unfortunately becoming all too common these days. Seven days ago, Rose made a solid verbal commitment to go to school/play his college ball at Wake Forest University. Needless to say, it was a monstrous "get" for a Demon Deacons squad that just suffered though one of its worst seasons in recent memory (3-9). All was well - well, until, that is, Sunday, when Mr. Rose decided that he wanted to go to North Carolina State instead. I mean, yeah, the fact that he "flipped" relatively soon was significantly better than had in fact led the Deacs on for weeks/months but, still....I don't know, folks, I just wish that these kids (and, yes, that in fact is what they are - kids!) wouldn't commit at all until they were absolutely sure. I mean, it does involve more than just them, you know.


Beach Bum said...

If the Hannity types follow the 2000 democratic primary game plan they will still do everything they can to still dump on Obama. They were in orgasmic heaven back then as Bradley challenged Gore.

They should just go ahead and contract these kids, screw the horseshit about college sports.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Yeah, Mr. Hannity really does seem to enjoy gnawing on things.......Are you familiar with this kid, double b? It sounds like he's got real good motor. He is a little small and that's maybe why Clemson and South Carolina didn't go really hard for him.