Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Sobering Cure

I often wonder (as a lot of my colleagues probably also do) what a Hillary Presidency would have looked like. I especially wondered about it back when President Obama was floundering. Would she, folks, have been a better choice than Mr. Obama? And, yes, I'll flat-out admit it to you here that maybe, MAYBE, she would have been better?...............................................................................................I'll admit to it, that is, until I flash on back and take a look at this little quote form Jerry Zeifman (a lifelong Democrat who ended up firing Mrs. Clinton from the Watergate Committee staff back in 1974); "She was a liar......She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee, and the rules of confidentiality." I'll read it (this, about as damning an indictment from a serious person as I've ever seen) and then, yeah, I start to feel a little bit better about Mr. Obama. The grass, me-buckos, isn't always greener.


Beach Bum said...

I never really had any respect for Hillary and it was totally killed and burned for me when she lied about her daughter and her flying into Bosnia while under sniper fire.

The funny thing was when CNN ran her video of bragging about that and how they were both ushered into protection after landing the same time they showed footage of the actual landing and being greeted by little girls on the runway handing out flowers.

What enraged me though was to hear Hillary supporters on one hand bitch about "W" being dishonest but giving Hillary a pass on her lies.

Still though, it would have been fun to have Bill back in the White House with the duties of "First Dude" and see the trouble he could have gotten into.

The CDM said...

I second Beach Bum's last sentence.

Marcus said...

Hillary might have been a good executive, assuming she got elected in the first place...If she did get elected, I believe the gridlock we witnessed 2008-2010 would have been worse...the Clinton's are polarizing in that the republicans would have been more fired up than they are with Obama. The one wildcard as I see it is that Bill having so much experience as well as being a polished politician might have helped her with the obstacles. I think she would have tackled the economy first rather than place health care immediatly on deck. I recognize her shortcomings as BB and Will pointed out. Guess we can only speculate..

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

There have been a lot of morally challenged individuals who went on to be good to very good Presidents; Bill Clinton being one of them! So, yeah, I guess that it wouldn't have necessarily been such a bad thing.

Oso said...

I don't see much of any difference, IMO the criticism of HRC applies to BHO as well. Both war hawks, both Zionists, both beholden to Wall St.

Only difference would be what BB mentions, first guy instead of first lady.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

The one thing, Oso, that seems to unite progressives, liberals, moderates, and even a lot of sensible conservatives is a strong opposition to this reckless/doltish foreign adventurism. And, so, yeah, you're pretty much right about this - all of the above, all of 'em guilty.