Wednesday, February 27, 2019

On the Fact that (According to the Testimonials of Countless Survivors; Catherine German, Fanny Kelly, Sarah Morris, Lucinda Eubanks, Josephine Box, Anna Belle Morgan, Sarah White, etc., etc.) the Life of a Captured White Woman at the Hands of Indians Was Almost Always Characterized by Rape, Torture, Slavery, and Endless Other Forms of Mistreatment

Again, in striking contrast to the "noble savage" view of the elitist Easterner, this from the hardened albeit eloquent Ms. Kelly, "I have read of......all the characters of romance and history, wherein the nature of the red man is enshrined in poetic beauty. The untutored nobility of soul, the brave generosity, the simple dignity untrammeled by the hollow conventionalities of civilized life, all rose mockingly before me, and the heroes of my youthful imagination passed through my mind in strange contrast with the flesh and blood realities...….The stately Logan, the fearless Philip, the bold Black Hawk, the gentle Pocahontas; how unlike the greedy, cunning, and cruel savages who had so ruthlessly torn me from my friends."...……...And if you'd like to hear some specifics, this courtesy of Lucinda Eubanks, "He did not treat me as a wife, but forced me to do all menial labor done by squaws, and he beat me terribly. Two Face traded me to Black Foot who treated me as his wife, and because I resisted him his squaws abused and ill-used me. Black Foot also beat me unmercifully, and the Indians generally treated me as though I was a dog."...……...Look, I get it, what happened to the Native-Americans was tragic but just as those John Wayne movies were mythical, so, too, the politically-correct foolishness of that we now know with certitude that the plains Indians were savage, ruthless, and bloodthirsty and that it was only in response to these attacks on pioneers and immigrants that the big guns came barreling in. I mean, I get it that we're all supposed to feel guilty about the Indians demise but being that the Comanches didn't lose much sleep about pushing the Apaches off of their territory, I don't think that I will, either.   

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